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D-Pert Diagram

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C-Gantt Chart

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B – Interview Transcript


Child Care and Tutorial Center

Note: We would prefer calling the institution a “Learning Center” instead of a school. Thanks.

  1. Would you like us to propose an online enrollment system for you?

Teacher Dina: Yes.

  1. What other problems are you encountering in your learning center?

Teacher Dina: We have problems monitoring due dates for payments, attendance, and monitoring birthdays and special payments arrangements. Usually payments are done monthly but we are open to special arrangements. And our enrollment goes on anytime, meaning anybody can enroll at anytime of the year, in any program.

  1. Have you experienced any complaints in the past years?

Teacher Dina: So far, we have not experienced any complaints in the line of registration and enrollment yet. Our aim for this online enrollment system is merely for the prevention of complaints, especially now that we are on our 10th year.

  1. How is the process of your enrollment system?

Teacher Dina: For the new students, usually, they inquire first. And then we find a program that suits the needs of the student. Our programs vary, depending on a student’s needs or interests. We have toddlers programs for 1 ½- to 5-year-old kids, academic tutorials for kids 5 years old and above and other programs like music, and painting which are open to anyone above 5 years old. These other programs are open to both basic and advanced lessons.

Once we’ve found a suitable program, they will then fill up forms and after that, the child can start in his or her enrolled program. Payments upon enrollment are advanced a month.

  1. Are there any reservation services in your enrollment system?

Teacher Dina: None.

  1. How many are your students?

Teacher Dina: Right now, we have 78 students for the toddlers programs, 12 students for the other programs and 20 students for the tutorials.

  1. Who are the people in charge of the enrollment?

Teacher Dina: Either me or Teacher Pam, my co-teacher.

  1. What are the different offices or departments in the learning center? Are any of these offices involved in the enrollment system?

Teacher Dina: My office, the head teacher’s office, is the only office in Kids’ Cabin. In this office we handle everything from enrollment to students’ concerns, from payments to students’ evaluations.

  1. Who could avail your tutorial? Those who are not enrolled in school, could they also avail of your tutorials?

Teacher Dina: Anyone could avail of our tutorials.

  1. How is the process for the tutorial? Persons in charge?

Teacher Dina: Process is the same as the enrollment. They inquire first then we find a suitable program. The teachers for the tutorials are Teacher Pam, Teacher Mel and Teacher Rica, and our on-call tutors are always available, depending on the needs of the students. Out tutorials are open for anybody; college, high school or grade school students, those who are about to enter “Big School” for example Kindergarten or Prep.

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A – Endorsement Letter

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3.7. Use Case Diagram

3.7. Use Case Diagram


  1. Faculty
  2. Guests
  3. Administrator
  4. Parent

Use Cases:

  1. Log on system
  2. View system
  3. Add/ edit information
  4. Add/ edit news and events
  5. View programs
  6. Enroll student
  7. Fill up enrollment details
  8. Confirm enrolled student
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3.6. Relational Schema

3.6. Relational Schema

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