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Article 3

One of the exclusive domain of mainframe computers were transaction processing system. The different typical examples of this system are the Airline Reservation Systems, Banking Systems, and Accounting Systems of almost any large companies. Transaction Processing Systems are mostly unidentified to the world of personal computers because of this.

But because of the Internet, all of this is about to change harshly. Nowadays, many of the small companies, non-commercial organizations, and even private individuals are discovering applications that can benefit from a transaction processing system.

The main problems addressed by Transaction Processing Systems are:

  • the need to handle hundreds, even thousands of simultaneous Users
  • the need to allow many Users to work on the same set of data, with immediate updating
  • the need to handle errors in a safe and consistent manner

Reference:  [TPS96]  Transaction Processing system (1996). ‘RADpage’. http://www.radpage.com/heitml2.1/features/transact.hei

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