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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1.    Case Background

Kids’ Cabin is a childcare center that serves as an alternative haven for children where they can provide various activities in enriching the social and emotional experiences of a child.  It is also a tutorial center where they can serve as a support group for students’ formal schooling. This childcare center started only about 10 years ago so they are encountering problems such as due dates for payments, attendance, monitoring birthdays and special payment arrangements. Payments are done monthly but open to special arrangements. The enrollment system of this is done by inquiring first and finding a suitable program for the child that satisfies its needs and interests. Once they have found a suitable program, they will fill up forms and after that, the child can start in his or her enrolled program. Payments upon enrollment are advanced a month. They don’t consider any reservation programs. The different programs that a child can enroll are as follows:

  1. Toddler Programs – these programs are for 1½ to 5 years old kids only.
  2. Summer Programs – these programs are for 6 years old and above only.
  3. Academic Tutorials – these programs are for 5 years old and above only.

The tutorial system has the same process with their enrollment system. On-call tutors are always available, depending on the needs of the students. The Principal’s office and the Head Teacher’s Office is the only office in Kid’s Cabin. In these offices, they handle everything from enrollment to student’s concerns, payments to student’s evaluations.

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