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1.2. Project Charter

Project Name: Kid’s Cabin Child Care and Tutorial Center, Website with Enrollment System

Project Sponsor: Mrs. Ma. Henedina Zulueta

Project Team Name: Systems Innovators

Project Team Members:

  1. Balgue, Julius
  2. Bansil, Darryl
  3. Simbillo, Kristal Gale
  4. Valencia, Angelique Edgie

Project Goal: A website-based enrolment system will be developed and implemented for Kid’s Cabin Child Care and Tutorial Center.

Business Case:

The success of an organization relies on its strength to acquire accurate and well-timed data about its operation, to manage this data effectively, and to use it to analyze its own activities. We are developing a web-based enrollment system for Kid’s Cabin Child Care and Tutorial Center it will be developed and implemented to manage a vast amount of data, and to be able to respond to a given query with the appropriate information in as little time as possible.

We hope to provide a real-time registration for the students and relevant reports for the staff member, as for example the parent is busy at the whole duration of the enrollment period and cannot go to school to enroll his child, he could easily enroll anytime he would want without worries about deadlines through our system by just connecting to the Internet and use a web browser to access it.
The system will also provide certain background information and list of programs being offered for those who are looking for a school/learning center with a safe and stimulating environment for bright and curious children to interact with and learn from each other and that those entertain children with educational offerings that provides fun learning opportunities. Parents could easily access and enroll through our system if they will be interested.

Required Resources:

The team will need some books and the Internet to provide some certain information that will provide a big help for research options and it will work as a guide for them. They will also use some application to work on for the system’s development and implementation.

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